Lars Neujeffski. 

Teamleader // Systems-Architect // Senior Full-Stack-Developer


About me:



Computer can be used to create great things, help people and add value to human kind. When I was a child I started using computers.

Life is a process of continues learning and in information-technology this sentence is more true than in any other profession. It will never be boring and that is why I enjoy IT so much.


Nowadays I am having 35+ years experience in IT with strong software- and hardware-development skills. I operate in different programming languages and I am familiar with all kinds of frameworks and tools. During the last 25 years I earned global Leadership and Management experiences in Germany, China, USA and Cyprus.

I am passionate about broadening my knowledge and strategic thinking. Even more I enjoy working on my soft-skills. I strongly believe that in a group of people emotional intelligence and good communication skills are essential not only for successful work, but for a happy life! 

In my career I've been so far and I will always look for challenging, sometimes daunting tasks. I like highly responsible positions and I have already fulfilled many them:

"CEO", "project-manager", "strategic-investor-consultant", "chief of due dilligence" or last but not least "agile senior team-leader"- or "software-developer" with a hands-on-mentality. It has never been the title, but rather the given chance to change things, add value or to create something wonderful. 

never stop innovating!